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Industrial Air Conditioning Units to Consider

This guide talks about Trane air conditioners and particularly looks at industrial air conditioning. It features hints for how to uncover the industrial air conditioning unit for you. After looking through it, you will be in a position to make a much far more informed, knowledgeable buying decision.

There are many different Trane industrial air conditioning units available for most businesses today. The most common system used is the direct expansion unitary system. They also offer a widely used system called HVAC. You can control most of their systems from anywhere with an internet connection as long as you opt for this feature. Trane offers plenty of coverage on the original warranty as well as extended warranty options.

Trane is a well known company that has been around for many years. Because of their length in this specific industry they have many different products to offer. There are several different HVAC systems available as well as unitary systems. Each system is different from the other but the overall design for each type remains relatively the same.

The direct expansion system, also known as a DX unitary system, is part of the unitary air conditioning category. The reason these systems are very popular is because they are easy to install and they cost less. These units are seen in many businesses, government buildingsFeature Articles, and even schools. New business buildings are prone to using these systems because of the low cost factor.

Buildings that are large such as hospitals or buildings with many stories should consider getting an HVAC system before getting anything else. A lot of power is required to sufficiently cool a building of that size and an HVAC system from Trane can do the job for sure. HVAC stands for heating ventilation and air conditioning unit. It has the ability to heat and cool large areas with ease.

The HVAC systems stand for heating ventilation air conditioning which means the system can heat or cool the area. The ventilation system is great because it will recycle the hot or cold air enabling the system not to work as hard while heating or cooling. Another good thing is the system will help purify the air in the building with its filter.

You can have the option of controlling the temperature of your building over the internet if you get your system equipped for it. This is a great option if you own several locations or if the location of the air conditioner is not visited often. This option also has the benefit of saving you money by having the ability to raise or lower the temperature.

One reason why people get industrial air conditioning units is because of their long life and warranty system. The HVAC system is usually sold with a one year warranty that only covers parts but there are plenty of optional extended warranties available as well.

There is a great feature for Trane industrial air conditioning units during the first year and it is called in warranty service. This feature provides several maintenance related processes that will keep your new system in perfect working condition. They will give inspections of the system when needed and they will change the filters as well. Another service provided is the analysis of chiller oil inside your unit.

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